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Visit to Klang Utama Caring Home

Sometime in August this year, one of our Because members informed us that a Home for 41 abandoned children had been burnt down and there was an SOS call.

Our secretary immediately got in touch with the home’s caretakers to find out first hand what help to give. They urgently needed money, foodstuffs such as milk, milo, rice, cooking gas, oil, crockery, cupboards to store dishes, children clothes, computers etc.

Our members spread the news to friends, relatives, colleagues and those whom we thought could provide, especially items which we were unable to procure within our own small Because family.

On 13th September ,when we had the items ready, a group of 7 of us drove to Klang to deliver the goodies. On arrival we were greeted by the Home’s administrator Ms Maha. We received a short briefing by her on what had happened followed by a short walk to the burnt down house which used to be the Home’s boys wing. The fire started due to an electrical fault. Fortunately no one was hurt.

At the time of our visit, most of the children were attending school. Our members distributed some cakes for the smaller kids at the home. We felt good to know, thanks to kind sponsors and kindhearted folks who responded quickly, the short term needs had been taken care of. However there is more we can do to ensure the Home’s long term sustainability and children’s welfare. If all the needies and charities in this world can achieve that, we believe that would be a really great reason to feel good !

Before we left, we assured Ms Maha we will continue to look into ways to make the children happy. We also requested Miss Maha to provide us with proper accounts of the Home’s expenses to make it easier for us to secure funding.





Invitation to Visit the Alzheimer Disease Foundation Malaysia (ADFM)

On 4th September 2014, BeCause members attended ADFM’s Open Day upon an invitation by President Dato Jeffery Ng. It was a busy day at the day care centre. About 100 guests and sponsors turned up. The centre provides activities and social interaction for those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Our members were touched by them as they and their families turned up to take part in the day’s singing event. What is something we take for granted requires monumental effort by those who have lost their memory and power of recall.The centre also have programs conducted by qualified staff aimed at improving memory or to prevent it from worsening.

ADFM is now embarking on a fund raising drive to build a bigger day care centre in old town PJ Section One. The existing centre in Section 22 ,PJ will be converted into a home for those whose families cannot look after them.

Before leaving, BeCause members did their part by donating some money towards ADFM’s new centre plans.