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Assisi Palliative Care Appeal

In early February 2016, BeCause received a request to help with a fund raising effort by Assisi Palliative Care (“ASPAC”), a hospice NGO headed by Dr. Patricia Por.

In April, BeCause Committee members decided this is a worthy cause to support. A meeting was set up with ASPAC key board members, Drs Patricia Por and Violet How to discuss and work out the following areas which we can contribute in relation to a fund raising dinner at Yuk Chai School, Taman Megah on 24th September 2016:

  1. To provide volunteers/manpower during the fund raising dinner
  2. To help with administering and keeping records of funds received
  3. To source for entertainers and performers for the evening
  4. To look for videographers and photographers
  5. To help look for dinner table sponsors at RM3,000, RM5,000, and RM10,000 per table.
  6. To help create and promote awareness of ASPAC’s cause

As of to-date, about RM300,000 has been raised, mostly via dinner tables sales. The targeted amount to be raised to fund ASPAC’s activities is RM500k.

BeCause humbly appeal to all to support ASPAC’s cause so that it can continue its free hospice services to many more and their families who needed such help in their most difficult time but who cannot afford such professional services.

Click for ASPAC’s Public Appeal Letter.

Bodhi Homecare Cheras Stupa Project

In June 2016, BeCause members were invited to attend a Guan Yin holy day at Bodhi Homecare Cheras (“Bodhi Home”). Besides the usual making of offerings and seeking of blessings by devotees, friends and supporters of the centre, Bodhi Home also distributed ang pows to the less fortunate and needy who form the majority in the neighbourhood of Kampung Ikan Mas.

For BeCause, the event also marked the culmination of the Stupa project which the Society and its members had a major hand in seeing to its completion. The project started sometime in December 2015 and completed in 3 months, allowing for the Chinese New Year break.

The Stupa project was part of Bodhihome’s on going plans to provide much needed accommodation space to replace their living quarters which were burnt down some years back by vandals. Now, the holy items and Buddha images which took up space in Bodhi Home’s main prayer hall can be relocated within the Stupa which is built outside the main building. This frees up space for multi-purpose use in the day and as living quarters at night. There were also two TNB high tension pillars in front of the centre which had been obstacles to cars going in and out of the home and also access to the Stupa. Fortunately, a BeCause member succeeded in getting TNB to shift the posts finally early this year.

Bodhi Home had raised about RM30,000 for the project when it was first mooted in 2013. However, the project could not proceed as engineers/contractors had quoted figures as high as RM1.0 million. This was attributed to the fact that the Stupa location was next to a big storm drain. Costly retaining walls, sand filling and piled foundations needed to be done before the structure can be built.

Undaunted, a BeCause member who is a Civil Engineer did a thorough study of the project and concluded that most of the comments/advice by other parties were mostly assumptions and superficial. Another senior engineer’s in depth opinion was sought to ensure the right decision and design were made.

The shape and structure of the Stupa requested by Bodhi Home followed a complex design given to them by a Thai monk.

Thanks to innovative ideas contributed by a friendly steel contractor, a much lighter and economical structure could be built.

Many thanks also to the concrete foundation and Stupa support platform contractor who did not charge a cent for his efforts which otherwise would have cost Bodhi Home RM50,000. BeCause members also contributed RM40,000 towards the cost.

The Stupa was completed in March 2016 and handed over to Bodhi Home without them having to spend a cent. Whatever they had raised would be used for exterior decorations and finishing works of the Stupa.

BeCause is happy to have made a difference and rejoice together with Bodhihome caretakers, residents and orphans who had also given their share of sweat and tears during the construction phase of the project.


Guan Yin day celebration. Group photo of Bodhi Home residents and friends

Guan Yin day celebration. Group photo of Bodhi Home residents and friends

Installation of 40 feet high Stupa pyramid steel structure

Installation of 40 feet high Stupa pyramid steel structure

Construction work on Stupa foundation - joint effort by elder children of Bodhi Home

Construction work on Stupa foundation – joint effort by elder children of Bodhi Home

Columns of concrete Stupa platform going up

Columns of concrete Stupa platform going up

Completed Stupa in lights

Completed Stupa in lights