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Posts tagged ‘workshop’

IWRM…. What is it???

if you're an NGO, and you are scratching your head for new ideas on how to raise funds to finance your activities... if you are worried about how to sustain your cause... you should really join this workshop!

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Malaysia Fundraising Awards 2012 and IWRM!!!

Because is happy to be part of the organising committee to host the Malaysia Fundraising Awards 2012! Because will contribute to this exciting event as the secretariat. We are looking for 6 - 7 volunteers to help us!

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An afternoon with Dr Karen Kow

How do we bridge the communication gap with the elderly, in particular those who are staying at old folks’ homes? This could be particularly tricky in multi-cultural and multi-lingual Malaysia, where the idea of sending old folks to homes for the elderly is not a cultural norm or positively looked upon.

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