How to help

For every story told, ten more go unwritten.

For every person saved, hundreds of cries remain unheard.

For every charity set up, many helping hands are needed to keep it running.

Still reading?


Because we believe you’re just the person.

Be the cause.

Maybe you love writing. Maybe you’ve got a keen eye for capturing moments on photos and videos. Maybe you’ve been searching for a group of like-minded people to help the needy, by doing what you do best.

We believe that social good can come in many forms, and not just monetary donations. We believe that everybody can help in so many ways, by volunteering their expertise to help solve problems.

We also believe social media can help amplify our collective efforts. One blogpost, share, like, donation, and, helping hand at a time can inspire and ignite others to do the same.

Join our ragtag but karma-rich bunch of volunteers today. We’ll match you with like-minded teammates for projects tailor-made for your skillset. Sort of like a SWAT team for salvation.


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