Feedback from a volunteer

Following up from our Listen, Think and Do Workshop #1, one of our participants, Sanali, who is a dedicated and passionate teacher hailing all the way from Sri Lanka (she is currently focused on integrating children with autism into standard school system in Malaysia) offered to help Hilla come up with a lesson plan development system. Here is what she wrote to us after a day with Hilla:

24 October 2012 – Just got back from spending the whole day at Hilla.. I’m a different person after the visit. Had to teach 3 back to back classes of speech and drama from 9 – 2pm.. Had no idea going in I was to teach speech and drama, had to draft a lesson in my head.. haha.. from ages 9 till 18.. one of the best and most rewarding teaching experiences.. Being at Hilla, seeing all that Jeanette, Enoch and Esther do on a daily humbles me as a person.. Had a late long lunch with them till 5.30, which gave me more insights and ideas into the Hilla world. I am going to make as much time as I can to be a part of this school.. and to learn from people who have learnt to make the most with the least..

Thank you Su An and Wu Han for connecting my dot to theirs.. a near perfect match with the inconvenience of the distance as it takes a good 1 and half hours one way through the traffic to get to Hilla from Subang.. Or else I could do more..

I guess this would be Because’s first initiative even though it wasn’t choreographed and planned out to work out as it has.. Brought to force how Because really need to do something concrete in whatever scale possible.. To have these kids open up, perform, learn and express themselves through my classes was more satisfying than my speech and drama classes at my current school.. So motivated to make the time to do more for Enoch, Esther and Jeanette as well as the kids..

Thank you Sanali for your heartfelt actions and thoughts! We hope this will touch many more hearts as much as it did ours 🙂


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