BeCause Charity Shoot & Bowl 2017

Sometime last year in November 2016, our Society was offered an opportunity to do another fund raising project for Charity. Sunway Megalanes Bowling and Galactic Laser kindly offered to provide us their facilities for 1/2 day’s free gaming sessions on 12th June 2017, a public holiday.

Whilst we had an event organiser for our first Charity fund raising effort in 2015, this time we decided to save money and organise the event with our own resources and manpower. Thanks to our members, supporters and volunteers , we succeeded in raising the targeted sum of RM 50K in good time.

This meant, the two Charities, Bodhi Homecare and Pusat Penjagaan Warga Emas Chan will each receive RM 25 K .

In line with our motto , ‘Charity with fun and purpose’ we also managed to secure lots of prizes and gifts for all the participants who will be taking part in the bowling games and laser shootout.

Thanks to generous contributions by sponsors, all participants had almost a 40 % chance of getting a prize via lucky draw besides the chance to win cash prizes.

On the day of the event, about 400 + gamers turned up ,some as early as 7 am to register.It had been said that in any endeavour, it is the effort that counts not the triumph. The event was a big success not only from the above perspective, but the energy and spirit shown by the participants truly reflected BeCause’s philosophy in charity work – giving one’s best for a meaningful cause and at the same time, have fun doing so.

A big THANK YOU to all you wonderful people who cared to make a difference !

Click here for photos taken at the event.

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