Durian Charity 2018

The big day finally arrived. We were overwhelmed by the participation of nearly 2000 durian enthusiasts pouring in during the 3 eating sessions. The venue was packed to the brim and extra tables and chairs had to be added.

The event kicked off with the arrival of Y.B. Ms Lim Yi Wei, the Adun for SS2 area. She delivered a short speech after our President, Mr. Ngeow Voon Chin gave a heartwarming welcome speech to all the participants.

Following this was the presentation of mock cheques by Y.B. to the representatives of the two beneficiaries, Bodhihomecare and Aspac Palliative Care centre. Each charity received RM 45,000.00 from this event, thanks to collective effort and generosity from all our friends and supporters.

During the eating frenzy which ensued, the participants  were entertained by music, songs and dance numbers by the talented duo of Benson and Ani Loke and their siblings.

After the last participants left with satisfied stomachs at 5pm, the event came to a close.

The lingering powerful smell of Musang King and other durian varieties was testament to the success of the event. One thing was certain, durians tasted much much better when eaten with charity in heart and mind!

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