What do the folks at Rumah Caring Kajang want…

On Sunday 15th January 2012, the BECAUSE team of about 15 people joined forces with the Sunway Pyramid CNY Some Of uS (SOS) group to help bring some festive cheer to the Rumah Caring Kajang.

The SOS group was led by Kevin & Anu and joined forced with volunteers from the Star BRATs and Because team.  The SOS team have already been to the home during the week to help with most of the maintenance such as painting the walls inside the home and replacing lights. Sunday’s event was to complete the final touches cleaning, repainting and moving in new cupboards.

Some of the male residents got a bit worked up when their belongings were shifted around during the clean up. They like to have their surroundings a certain way as this is what they have become comfortable and familiar with when they only have so little. There are also a couple of chronic hoarders. A myriad of items that seem out of place in an old folks home such as brightly colored childrens’ toys and high chairs were stowed away into the new cupboards at the insistence of an old man. One of the residents said that he is keeping them to fix or to give away to someone else.

One of the SOS members commented that hoarding is a problem in the home as they are already very restricted in space. Nonetheless the residents continue to collect these items for whatever reasons and get very distressed when made to part with them.

The BECAUSE team organised some musical entertainment for the residents. Our volunteer Any Loke serenaded the audience with her powerful vocals, singing familiar tunes from Teresa Teng and other classics.  The more energetic ones happily got up to dance & prance around while the other members clapped along with enthusiasm.

Rumah Caring Kajang has 28 residents of various ages with separate dormitories for men & women. Most of the residents are older folks who have been abandoned by their children or who have no family to take care of them. A few residents are young adults who were living on the streets homeless after being dumped by their families due to their mental disabilities. A number of them suffer from acute depression & some mental disorder. There are a total of 4 paid volunteers who help out at the home. Wendy Yap manages the home and has 21 years of experience in the industry. She also manages a home for under-privileged children & centre for drug addicts. Click here for one of the remarkable stories on how Wendy Yap made a difference in one resident’s life.

The home does not receive any government assistance. The current premise is leased to the home for free however unsupportive neighbors are troubling the renewal process for their license from MBKJ. Wendy feels that having their own property in a suitable area is imperative if they want to continue to provide their services to the residents.

Besides money, other items which are always welcomed from public donation are dry food goods such as rice, grains, beans etc.  However one of the  most valuable things we can also give to these folds is our time, care and humanity.

Should you like to make a contribution or visit to Rumah Caring Kajang, feel free to contact Su An at suan@because.my.

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  1. Hi there

    I’m Veron from Kajang.
    I would like to enquire if there is any elderly woman who could be an assistant to take care of a baby boy who is 1 year old plus. Because the mother will be delivering a mother baby.
    just for 3 months service and we will pay them.
    we are looking for someone who is 30 years old or more woman.

    if there is any please let me know on 016 659 9468


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