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Visit to Bodhi Home Care To introduce the Nutrition Program for kids

Bodhi Home Care is situated in a quaint little place in Taman Ikan Emas. It is a welfare home for orphans, people who are physically or mentally challenged and some abandoned old folks.

BeCause has been supporting Bodhi Home Care for many years and members take turn to visit regularly.

Last Thursday, when we visited,was like any other day in the home – some kids just returned from school while older kids were busy caring for the younger ones under the watchful eyes of their caretaker Cheng Yuit.

The children mingled among themselves and are trained to help themselves to lunch.  Few elderly folks were hanging around the home – some reclusive and some just love visitors! A young man volunteered his time teaching tuition to some of the children. This was a home with a difference – the spontaneity of the home like a work in progress,  the palpable feel of contentment of its residents without any trace of pretentions make one feel like wanting to do something for them!

Caretaker Cheng Yuit and her volunteers work 24/7. We were told that they do not reject homeless people who would walk-in for food.  It is also a home to stray cats, dogs, snakes, monitor lizards, musang, birds and you name it!  It looks like a herculean task to an ordinary person. Somehow the caretakers have taken it in their stride to provide the care, shelter, food, and making them feel at home.  

It is commendable that the home had always adopted the principle of self-sustainabilty and self reliant. Despite the caretakers being fully stretched, they still find time to help other needies outside of Bodhi Home. That says a lot about the caretakers’ selfless attitudes and the values being taught to the commmunity there.

On this occasion, we also presented some quilted blankets beautifully sewn by a friend of Because for the kids of Bodhi Home. 

The Nutrition program for kids 0-5 years old

One purpose of our visit was to propose a nutrition programme for babies and young kids below 5 years old, which according to established research is the most critical period for the children’s physical and mental development.  If left unchecked, these children may face malnourishment, stunted growth and have poor mental health.  The effects of malnutrition are irreversible and affect these children’s future in many ways.

BeCause Society’s members understood the importance of this nutrition program .We have decided to take up this cause and work together with Bodhi Home and other related NGOs to ensure their kids will benefit from this program. Kids with strong bodies and healthy minds  equate to a better society and hence a better world. We welcome all our friends to support us in  this endeavour as sponsors, volunteers or giving expert advice on kids nutrition.

BeCause hope this humble initiative of ours will make a difference .

Group photo taken with caretakers including Cheng Yuit,the children of Bodhi Home Care and BeCause Committee.

Visit to Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Terencat Akal Malaysia (Malaysian Association for the Welfare of Mentally Challenged Children)

The Association was started by Mr. Chang Ming Kiet, who hails from Kuantan. He is about 50 years old and he imports clothes from China for local market . Why he started this home is because of a personal reason. He had a son who had brain fever and became mentally retarded and has since passed away. While caring for the son, he realized many other child

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Helping, learning, and painting at Kajang Caring Home

14 Help Institute college students wrote to BeCause to help them to fulfil their Study Skills volunteerism assignment. BeCause was happy to work out an appropriate program of activities for them so that they have a deeper feel for charity work.

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Rumah Caring Kajang Needs Your Help!

We first visited Rumah Caring Kajang in January 2012, and had kept in touch with Wendy Yap the caretaker since then. We were made aware during that visit that the neighbours staying nearby were not happy with the operations of Rumah Caring Kajang, which caused difficulties in renewing their MBKJ license. It seems that things have come to a head, as we received recent news that Rumah Caring Kajang is now facing problems associated with having to relocate to another place.

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Bodhi Homecare Cheras – A humble monk’s legacy

On Sunday 22nd March, 5 Because members visited the Bodhi Homecare Cheras for abandoned and underprivileged children. We were met by Ms Ng Ching Yuet. After a quick show around the place , we sat down in the kitchen area to hear Mr. Jim, one of the 7 temple committee member share with us the temple’s history going back to 1999 and how it had now turned into a local community care centre despite their struggles.

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A Visit to Kerdau Orang Asli Settlement

During the Chinese New year our VP Mr Kevin Tan, together with staff of his company, the Sunway group, distributed goodies and angpows to Kerdau folks under their CSR program. He noted that the nearby orang asli community were underprivileged and asked whether Because could look into improving their lives especially when they had been badly hit by the recent flood. Because members decided to visit the village on 7 th March.

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Ending the year with New Hope Rumah Safiyyah and Lumi Air

29th of November 2014 marked the last charity event for BeCause. Our committee capped the year by organizing a trip for 36 orphans and abandoned children to watch a stage performance ‘Lumi Air' at Sunway Lagoon & Resort. The children were all from New Hope Rumah Safiyyah. To ensure it was a fun filled outing for them, goodie bags and meals were also provided for them.

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Visit to Klang Utama Caring Home

Sometime in August this year, one of our Because members informed us that a Home for 41 abandoned children had been burnt down and there was an SOS call.

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Invitation to Visit the Alzheimer Disease Foundation Malaysia (ADFM)

On 4th September 2014, BeCause members attended ADFM’s Open Day upon an invitation by President Dato Jeffery Ng. It was a busy day at the day care centre. About 100 guests and sponsors turned up. The centre provides activities and social interaction for those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Our members were touched by them as they and their families turned up to take part in the day’s singing event. What is something we take for granted requires monumental effort by those who have lost their memory and power of recall.The centre also have programs conducted by qualified staff aimed at improving memory or to prevent it from worsening.

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Visit to NASAM

The new committee members of BeCause did not sit on their laurels after being elected at the society’s recent AGM. Among the many initiatives being planned for 2014, the first was a visit to the National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM) on 27th May 2014.

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