Renovations at BODHi Homecare

During one of our regular visits to BODHi Homecare, it rained. The residents and caretakers were seen frantically placing pails and containers all over inside their building. This was due to the leaky roofing. It was long overdue for repair if not replacement.

The home was after all 30-years old and the original building was constructed with very limited resources. After discussing with the caretakers, BeCause Committee decided to initiate two renovations to improve living conditions at the existing old building. In part this was necessitated by the increase in the number of needy kids and the homeless elderlies.

  1. To repair and replace the roofing over the accommodation quarters.
  2. To construct a new 15ft × 22ft 2-storey extension to provide more sleeping space and utility area at ground floor.

The project started in June 2022 and completed in August 2022 despite acute shortage of workmen and the prevailing Covid situation. We had to be contented with a mostly 3-day working week schedule.

Heartfelt thanks to our contractors who not only use their goodwill to borrow workers from other contractors at critical stages of the project but also gave a big discount when it was apparent the project would overrun the RM 42,000 funds raised. We are indebted as always, to all our kind sponsors and donors who joined hands with us again to make this project possible.

Yes, together we can make a difference!

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