Original Trigger Point Therapy – First Training Session!

Following last week’s OPT Introduction  talk , Because’s 1st evening OPT training session on 24th Aug received overwhelming response . Originally, it was planned that a session with 12 pax would be optimal. After some rearrangements, the class could accommodate  21 participants.

The session started with Sifu Ku  giving a brief recap of the history of development of OPT and what it can or cannot do. He also  gave advice on the importance of  supplementary treatments such as use of heatpacks and taking warming tonics to help the body’s natural healing system to achieve a complete cure.

This was followed by a demonstration of how to use the tools of the trade – one’s fingers, hands and elbows. He was very meticulous in giving advice to students on the correct posture, hand  movements, body leverage positions, exertion of pressure and strength. This was to ensure those giving treatment will not suffer from fatigue and spraining themselves whilst treating others. This was especially important for beginners.

The class was divided into 4 groups so that participants can take turns to become patients and therapists to acquire clinical experience. In OPT, the rapport and feedback between patient and therapist is very crucial for the efficacy of the treatment. The more faith and relaxed the patient has for his/her therapists, the more effective would be the treatment process.

Sifu Ku gave hands on demonstration of  OPT on head ,hands and the cervical region. Different skill sets were required when a patient is being treated lying on a bed or when he/she is sitting on a chair.

Some members took opportunity to discuss their pain problems with Sifu Ku who kindly treated them on the spot and teaching us whilst doing it at the same time.

It was a very satisfactory start. Most participants brought along their ‘ partners’ to train. This showed that they understood the main purpose and objectives of  OPT centres- to provide training to people so that they can learn and apply it to provide relief or health improvement to their friends and family. OPT centres are not ‘ clinics’ or treatment centres in the strict sense of the term where people who have illness just drop in to receive free treatment.

The session started at 8 pm sharp and ended just before 10pm with a group photo taken. A participant quipped this is the ‘ before’ photo. And another ‘ after’ photo taken , with everyone rosy cheeked and beaming with vitality upon completion of the course!

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  1. I would like to attend your Isogai classes.
    Can somebody help me where to go or who to call?
    My contact no is 019 6941772


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