Introduction to Original Trigger Point Therapy

On 16th Aug 2013 , Because Community Care Society successfully organized a talk ‘Introduction to Original Point Therapy ’ by Sifu Ku YM who is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner . About 15 people who were interested in healing and health care were invited to attend.

OPT is a pain management /therapy practice developed over many years by a Taiwanese acupuncturist Dr Chang CH. His philosophy is that although many TCM is developed and suitable as a ‘home’ remedy without the need for expensive diagnostic equipment or health related tools, the techniques were not generally taught to the ordinary people as a D.I.Y. skill. The rising cost of TCM pain management and lengthy period of treatment ( chronic cases ) is a big obstacle for those seeking relief the more holistic way with little or no side effects. The above were some of the factors which led Dr.Chang to develop OPT into an easy to learn and to apply skill set which everyone can have access to.

Coincidently, there was a similar work called ‘ Trigger point Therapy ‘ pioneered by two western doctors , Dr. Janet Travell and Dr David Simon during the 60s-90s .Dr Janet was renowned for using her technique to cure President Kennedy’s back ache and spinal problems and later appointed as Whitehouse physician. Dr David S was an aerospace physician who continued to research and improve on the technique founded by Dr Janet after she passed away in 1997.

Instead of limiting the technique as mere study/research material and aimed as supplementary knowledge for medical practitioners, Dr Chang took it further. His vision is to make it available to the ordinary people with his philosophy of healing with lovingkindness and charity. To this end he had set up a foundation CCH-Foundation in order to set up OPT centres worldlwide to realize this noble vision to educate ,train ordinary folks to learn how to treat themselves,family members and friends.

We are aligned with Dr Chang’s vision and cause. One of Because’s focus is to support any education activities which benefit the needies. We had applied to the CCH Foundation to start an affiliate OPT centre in our premise. Response had been received from their HQ in Taiwan to visit them in September to receive the necessary blue prints. Meanwhile our members will learn as much as we can , thanks to Sifu Ku’s kindness in sharing his experience of OPT’s benefits with us and teaching our members.


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