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IWRM…. What is it???


In short… a series of workshops on how to raise funds.  The speakers come from all around the world and they’re very experienced in this field.  Click here to view the speakers’ profiles.  If you want to see how they look like, find them here.

So.. if you’re an NGO, and you are scratching your head for new ideas on how to raise funds to finance your activities… if you are worried about how to sustain your cause… you should really join this workshop! It is an excellent way to share ideas and meet like minded people from around the world!  There’ll be about 150 – 200 international participants attending this workshop! WOW.

Just like in the corporate world, it is also good for NGOs or people who wish to contribute more to NGOs to mingle around with people from other countries and learn about the global best practices.  How do other NGOs develop their communication strategies with sponsors, donors, clients?

Some of the topics that will be covered during this 4 day workshop:

  • Non-Profit Self-Regulation: Raising Standards, Increasing Attractiveness to Fundraisers
  • Do you know how to ‘Friendraise’? Introduction to Social Media for Fundraising
  • Face to Face Fundraising
Sounds like what you need to know? Register at or click here or find us on facebook to find out more!
In celebration of NGOs, there will also be a Charity Gala Dinner to host the Malaysia Fundraising Awards 2012.  Find out about this exciting annual event here.
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